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          I have always been very fond of colorful jewelry made with beads, semi- precious stones as well as precious stones too. I like to wear jewelry which is unique and with one of a kind color combinations. So I started making my own jewelry. I enjoyed it so much that this became my most favorite hobby which now has turned into a home based business.
For the last 13 years I have been supporting organizations like Plan Canada and Leprosy.ca. In 2013, after my grand daughter Ellora was born I started supporting M.S Canada from the income I generate from my jewelry business.
      I find colorful natural stone beads excite me the most and get my imagination running. I mix and match other beads and spacers to create a stunning and one of a kind effect. Taking my little home based business to the web makes the process even more exciting.

        I would try my best to provide a high quality product at the most affordable price and reliable service for you. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site from time to time and find exciting and new products.